Blog Update

When I first started writing a blog last Fall, I was unsure what exactly I wanted to write about.  I knew I was about to embark on a new journey in a new city, and so I thought, if nothing else, it might be a therapeutic habit to process the transition.  As time went on and I was able to pursue some incredible opportunities, I realized that there is a gap in the music field (especially violin) between those who are successful and those who are searching for success.  We are told over and over to practice more, to play scales, and to perform as much as possible.  If we do this enough, then we’re led to believe that we will be successful; however, if success doesn’t come, then we are told it is either because we didn’t do one of those things enough or simply that we’re just not cut out to be a professional musician.  

As someone who has found some level of success in music, I believe I have a moral obligation to help connect the dots between the academic and professional worlds so that others with similar passions may feel both empowered and capable of achieving their goals.  To do this, I will expand my blog from merely a personal account of life stories to include posts about the processes of networking, auditioning, practicing, and performing per my experiences, as well as essays and interviews with other successful artists detailing their unique paths.  By illuminating the various paths to success as well as highlighting the similarities and differences between each path and the habits needed to traverse them, I hope to help you, the reader, find your unique path forward and have courage in your ability to find success.