Since I’ve performed Hamilton

Since I’ve been in an orchestra pit

Since I’ve lived on my own

Since I’ve lived on the road

Since I’ve been to physical therapy

Since I’ve been surrounded by friends

Since I’ve worked in a coffee shop

Since I’ve gone out for drinks after a show

Since I thought I had everything figured out

Since life felt normal

Without a full-time job

Without earning a living wage

Without live music

Without traveling for fun

Without discovering new places

Without distractions

Without plans

Without a drive or purpose

Without a reason to get out of bed in the morning

Without words

Of not knowing what tomorrow would bring

Of living in my childhood bedroom

Of having no choice but to look in the mirror

Of making coffee at home

Of realizing what I take for granted

Of debating a career change

Of learning new skills

Of watching the world adapt online

Of trying to take advantage of “found time”

Of grieving

Until this feels like a distant memory?

Until this is over?

Until everyone that wants a vaccine has one?

Until we can put away our masks?

Until the problems we have now feel solved?

Until the theaters and concert halls are packed again?

Until our industry comes back in full?

Until we know how bad it really was?

Until we recognize what got us here?

Until we forget?

With family

With time to do things I never thought I could

With a reset button

With a newfound perspective

With home-cooked meals

With a therapist

With streams of entertainment

With Raveena in the same city

With long walks and longer conversations

With gratitude…

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