My 24-hour Trip to New York

Wake up at 6am
Shower and get ready
Dress to impress
10 pounds of life on my back
Drive to the airport
Check in and wait
Fly to Newark
Take the train to the train

Then I see the city skyline in the distance: dark, artificial clouds rising from the horizon. I know why I’m here. I know what I came for.

Meet my friend at Penn
Thai for lunch around the corner
Take the A Train
Quiet neighborhood, simple living
Small, interior, dark
Bed for a ceiling
Two and a half feet tall to wake up
Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel
Take the D train to West Village
New York pizza
Walk to Rock wood Music hall
World class blues and jazz
Snug Seating for thirty
Five feet from the stage
Friends recognize familiar faces in the band
Two beers
Take the D train back
Climb into bed

I may be confined inside, but outside is a city of endless possibilities. Here I stand, at the origin of every successful artist and young professional. While the path ahead is foggy, I can see the first stop in the distance: a humble, worn sign reading simply “Harlem.” Welcome home.

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